Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When hb and I were small, we loved Playmobil! So, when hb saw this huge farm set in Germany, he knew he got to get it for Kimi. Maybe it's more for himself? Keke!

I still love this toy!! You can have so much fun with it and it's such a quality toy. Playmobil was out of Singapore's scene for a long time but it is making its way back now.

We did not let him have the whole set all at once. Hb built the larger parts with Kimi (yes! with Kimi, you'd be amazed how they can take instructions and work those little fingers with intricate parts meant for 4 year olds!) and let him play with those first. We intend to let slowly let him take a few out each time.

Kimi loves his barn house!! You can start with a small set. There are so many themes to choose!! Check this out!
Kimi posing with his new toy
Eager to start fixing everything NOW! This child simply has ZERO patience!
Enjoying his first stage of the barn house - bringing in all his animals besides the Playmobil ones
Beautiful toy - Oops, see Kimi's little hand stuffing the horse thru the window? Haha!



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