Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art Class Update - Project #1

Remember Kimi's first Art Class?  We finished the 'Underwater/Sea Creatures Themed Project' which stretched over 3 lessons and Kimi learnning the use of different mediums and colours blends, etc. 

Here's my proud trooper with his final piece that we take home. :)
For the final lesson, Kimi chose a clown fish which he drew and painted on his own.  He also did some tearing, cutting and gluing of crepe paper for the sea anemone.

Teacher Maria commented that Kimi is very bright and has good fine motor for his age and when he wants to concentrate, he can do very well.  Guess, we have to continue to encourage him to work on this area.  After the 1st 30 mins, he gets very distracted and wants to do his own stuff.  I think Kimi has gotten familiar with the surroundings hence such behaviour.  It's ok, its only his 3rd lesson, I truly think he is doing fabulously already. :)

Last week (2nd lesson), he drew a sea turtle and did some stencil sponging of fishes.  I love his colour blends of the turtle, it's so beautiful!
Colour blending using brush and fingers
The sponging of fish stencils
Last week's work
Kimi's clown fish



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