Monday, April 19, 2010


This is currently what we love getting Kimi to do! The famous Chinese 4 faces of Emotion Expressions - 喜怒哀乐.

When I first asked Kimi to do it.  He kind of paused at 'Anger' (nu) and then again at 'Sad' (ai).  He then said so innocently that he didn't know how to protray 'Anger' and 'Sad'.  I was stumped and then suddenly I felt this immense happiness within me. It dawned on me that Kimi has always been a HAPPY boy that's why! Then Kimi used his hands and pulled down the sides of his mouth to make an over-turn smile (like a sad smiley face) and said, " Mama, like that is sad right? Can?" 

Since Kimi has always been a happy boy, it was natural for him to not know or have associations with these negative emotions.  And I felt so blessed!

Here's just for laughs and they are some of my faves!  There was this pix of 'anger' (not shown here) that showed Kimi holding back his laughter, too cute and precious!
(Easy shot)
(The Most Angry shot I could get)
 (Sadness - Downturn smile)              
(Happiness - Jump for Joy?)



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