Friday, April 16, 2010

What we've been doing.... Pulled Elbow and Reads

I've been really busy and tired that I just realised that I've not updated for more than 2 weeks!! I have so many soup and food recipes that I need to update and other stuff too! Please, I hope I can get more 'Me' time so I can update them! In the mean time, pls be patient ok? :)

Alright, back to what happened the last 2 weeks. Kimi was sick for 10 days or more and was not in school since Easter holiday and just when he was about to be well, he had a Pulled Elbow accident at Church on Sunday (11/4/10).

Kimi said the teacher pulled his hand and it was misaligned. Scary yes? YES!! Super stressful for me on Sunday as I was alone and after some examinations by my Church's doctor, he advised me to bring Kimi to the hospital to be really sure.

In the end, after some arm twistings (literally) and a few x-rays later, I had to call in the Orthopedic to really give me a proper diagnosis and re-alignment. This is because the Dr-on-Duty made Kimi cry even more after he tried to do some alignment and he could not tell me for sure it was elbow or wrist! I almost shouted at him!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Kimi who normally wouldn't even bat an eyelid when he falls or knock his head, was super whiny and kept crying. So, I was sure he was in real pain. After carrying him from noon to 4pm, I literally had no more arms and the left side of my upper body (arms included) ached for 2 whole days!

Well, he is so much better today! :)

Although we have cut back alot on home activities due to Kimi's new schedule, we did not let up on the readings. As Kimi is huge on Go Diego Go, I bought a pack of Scholastic Phonics Reader for him and he loves it. I had to read all 12 at one go each time before nap and bedtime, EVERYDAY. That lasted for 2 weeks or more till I decided to get the Dora Set, thinking he might get bored. But ...

No, he wanted he to read all 24!! I couldn't - it was just too tiring. I made him choose 12 or sometimes less. It's so funny how Kimi will bargain for another one more or another 2 more. So cute!

I personally prefered the Diego Set as I feel it is more interesting and I could expand very much more on the stories while Dora was just plain? limited? Well, it's just a story, nothing much to add to, maybe only in a few of the books.

Then Charmaine recommended the Scholastic Sight Word Readers and Kimi loved it. I've managed to 'hide' the Diego and Dora sets so everyday we read 25 small books.

I would highly recommend this as it is very easy to read, clear, clean fonts and lovely, colourful picutres. After, reading to Kimi about 2 or 3 times, he could read the books himself. Of course, it has to be the titles he loves. :)
Here's Kimi, reading the books last night.


Angeleyes said...

Oh dear!!! Poor little Kimi.
Hope he is all fine now... I can imagine his pain just by reading!

tona-mama said...

Angeleyes- Ya lor...till today, certain action to his wrist area still makes him bil told me it takes about 2 weeks to really 'heal'.

Let's see next week!

Lazyg3r said...

Hope Kimi is much better now... *hugs*


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