Saturday, April 24, 2010

Playdates @ Changi Boardwalk with Ju

We decided to bring the boys for a walk after dinner and settled on Changi Boardwalk.  However, it started to drizzle as we arrived.  Thank God after dinner, it stopped and the evening was nice and cool.  We daren't venture too far for fear that it may rain again.

After a short 45mins there, it started to drizzle again so we quickly headed home.  We will go back soon so we can take a long walk on the boardwalk. :)
Nice view.  Look at how the sky is darkening?
Lovely boats to neighbouring islands.  We will take 1 to Ubin one of these days! Can't wait!
The boys chatting - I wonder what is so interesting there
Kimi doing a bit of cycling

Then the silly papa decided to cycle too! The kids laughed so loud and so hard!
Kimi wanted to try Ju's scoot
Kimi hugging Ju and refusing to let him go!  BFF!



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