Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blessed With A Castle

Hb came home this morning with this HUGE present for Kimi.  Actually, Kimi has been eyeing this Playmobil castle for the longest time and hb decided to get it for him during this trip to the US.  So he ordered it to be delivered to our sil, Julie's place in the US.

We were stunned when they wanted to pay for it and bless Kimi with the castle! :)

Thank you so much Uncle Peter and Aunty Julie for the castle, Kimi loves it and plays with it EVERYDAY!  This is the largest castle in Playmobil and we are amazed by its detailings, etc. Awesome toy!

 Kimi who just woke and can't wait to show his thankfulness to Uncle Peter and Aunty Julie for the toy
 Unpacking the huge box
 Halfway through assembling
 Almost done! See how big that even Kimi can sit inside!
Awesome toy!



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