Friday, August 31, 2012

Teacher's Day Sept 2012

The first week of September is Teacher's Day here in Singapore.  It's a time where we, or rather students show their appreciation for their teachers.  This year, we decided to bake a muffin, pack it in a mug, add a tea bag and a pocket hand sanitiser so that Kimi's teacher can take a break, sip a hot tea while enjoying the muffin that Kimi baked.  After that, they can clean their hands with the sanitiser too! lol!

We baked 3 batches of these muffins as it was given out in different batches to different teachers at different places.  First batch was at church, followed by Kimi's piano and maths teachers and followed by Kindy teachers.  The last batch was baked early this morning as Kimi was too tired after his field trip to Sentosa's Butterfly Kingdom yesterday.  He did a good job in all 3 baking sessions :)

What's inside? Muffin, serviette, tea bag (oops!! I had forgotten to add in the teabags!!), sanitisers and tags
The flower tag - Kimi says, "Take a break, have a tea & cake, which I have baked.  Just add hot water & enjoy"
These are for church teachers as per Kimi's request.  I replaced the Rose Hip & Hibiscus tea with White Coffee for 1 for the teachers.  He is more a coffee person, really! lol!

For Church teachers - all wrapped and ready to go!
For Kindy teachers - all ready!



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