Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bento #276 - Afro-Ken

Another doggy bento today, not intentional, just coincidence. :)

Afro-Ken is my personal fave and I collected quite a few when they were 'in'. Have since given away to my nieces. This chap is so cute and cool! His hair can be changed and he has many different wigs to the likes of Elvis Presley's curry puff, Marilyn Monroe's sexy bob and what not. He's so funny! I love this bugger and still do.  The plush also comes w removeable wigs to change around, how cute right???

Afro ken is made of 2 kinds of cheese and I used Wilton colour mist to get the rainbow effect.  Lunch is rice with meatballs in sweet sauce, broccoli, corn, grapes and jelly.
This is a yummy meatballs with rice recipe, almost like sweet, sticky sauce that is widely found in Japanese restaurant on their hamburg steak with a slight variance.  The hamburg steak has a stronger BBQ sauce flavouring while I did not use any in this recipe.  You can find the recipe here, in the Great Eastern LIVE GREAT Blog which I had contributed some time back.  Do check it out cos it's easy to make and meatballs freezes well.
Found some of his wigs online, there are MORE!!!



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