Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Another year has passed, another number added on. This year is special and different cos my position has been elevated - am a mummy.

Kimi was very well-behaved today and even displayed many cute antics. I wonder if he knew it was mummy's birthday?

Last week, hb asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I thought and thought so hard ... can't think of anything. Have I come to a point where I do not need any materials things and I have everything? Well, let's see...

  1. A diamond ring? Hardly viable when you need to be nifty and deft while manouvering around delicate diapering areas and scrubbing toilets.. anyway, I do not don any cutesy or glam manicures now to show-off the rock.

  2. A designer bag?Whatever for? To parade at NTUC or the market?

  3. Manolos?I can hardly balance with Kimi on 1 hip and a diaper bag on the other!
Really, as I thought harder, most things I wanted was either for Kimi or made work easier for me, yet again for Kimi or for the family! How twisted have I gotten? But I do have a list for things I wanted but these are such large ticket items that I don't think the hb will agree... keke! So, yes! I still crave for material things and am still a NORMAL being just that the needs are so different now! This is my wishlist (more to come too) :-

  1. A spanking, new and LARGE 2 door fridge so I can store more goodies & foods for Kimi.

  2. A new MPV so that there is lots of space for everyone!

  3. A new larger home so that there is more room, storage and play area for Kimi.
Well, as reality set in, in the end, I opted for an electronic toothbrush since my old one died on me last month.

So, here's to another wonderful and radiant year for me ahead with my darling son!



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