Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas & Festive Bakes!


May all your dreams & wishes come true !!

My classic fudgy wudgy brownies - crispy tops & exterior with a rich, moist, fudgy, chewy & chocolatey centre! You can sink your teeth into these even when it is COLD! When warmed with a scoop of ice-cream, heavens!! To test for a really good brownie, eat it when it's cold - all brownies (or cakes) when warmed and doused with chocoalte sauce & ice cream, always taste good. If the baker allows you to eat it cold, you know it's a winner! Sorry, too much musing here cos I last ate & baked this last xmas!! So, you can understand ya?

Here's some of my festive bakes to for this year. Sadly, these were all I could afford to bake this year. Made only 6 trays of brownies... (compared to before... this is only about half).

My Gingerbread House/Men & Chocolate Chip Cookies & Fruit Cake were not possible as I didn't have enough time. Hopefully, by next year I can resume my full Xmas Baking. But, it was good to be baking again, indeed therapeutic!
My usual X'mas Log Cake instalment - Rum infused Chocolate sponge with rum-soaked dark cherries covered with medium soft Dark Chocolate Ganache. Got a feeling, the family getting quite sian of this combo liao... But so far, they are not complaining or saying anything so I just continue... kekek!


charmaine kee said...

bakerzin,haagen dazs,dome...pls make way 4 my all time fav brownie!it's so delicious that everyone who had a bite of it wanting more.the crispy top with delectable moist chocolate bottom which is not too sweet is so good that it won't leave u feeling's a total indulgence!every year,i can't wait till x'mas 4 this wicked lil' brownie.for u ppl out there,envy me!coz i m 1 lucky gal who get d whole block of it when it's x'mas time.ha ha...bravo 2 dis marvellous creation & excellent tona!oh my god,drooling now,hav 2 go get a piece of it from my fridge now.

tona-mama said...

aiyo, char, u always so kind and encouraging with whateva food i feed u! Tks so much for ur encouragem! But my sis complained saying tt tis yr not as nice as top not crispy enuf..haiz, she's a diff feeder to please...


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