Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Waxed Memento

Frankly, I have a tinge of regret not mould-casting Kimi's hands & legs when he was born. But, I really do not like those 'gold' looking like ones offered at the hospitals.

So, I must make one to mark the 'coming of age' of my baby and his progression to toddler-hood. Since the wax-hand lady was at Compass Point, decided to just do it now instead of next month when Kimi will officially be ONE. Believe, a few weeks won't be a big difference right?

So far, we've only managed to capture his hand. He was flexing his feet quite a bit so after 3 tries, the lady said 'next time, your baby really very strong legs ah'! Hahaha!

Just collected this today and it's so cute!



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