Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Salmon Fish Cakes

These are lovely for older toddlers who can & love to self feed. For younger tots (like Kimi who don't like things too dry now), I added milk and cheese and microwave slightly for a quick creamy cheese sauce. Yummy!

  • 1 potato boiled or steamed
  • 200g Salmon Fillet lightly grilled (less if you wish)
  • Spinach
  • Butter (approx 2-4 tbsp)
  • Milk

  1. Once the potato is cooked, remove skin, scoop some butter and mash into the potato while hot. Add more butter if it look dry. Then add some milk to make the texture more smooth.

  2. Rub kelp & pepper onto salmon and lightly pan fry, skin side first till golden brown. Set aside and use fork to check for bones and flake the cooked salmon flesh

  3. Lightly steam or blanch spinach and chopped thinly

  4. Combine the salmon flakes, spinach and potato together.

  5. Scoop a spoon of the batter onto lightly floured hands and shape into balls before flattening like patties

  6. Fry on small heat with butter or oil till golden brown

  7. Drain fish cakes on kitchen towels to soak up excess oil

  8. Serve as finger food or prepare cheese sauce as above to serve together


  • Different potatoes and cooking method yields different texture. Hence, pls approximate the butter & milk to get a smooth paste (mash potatoes)
  • You also can use other kinds of fish or veg as you wish.
  • Instead of potatoes, you can try pumpkin or sweet potatoe which will be very tasty too



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