Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kimi's 1st Birthday, Actual Day

As we shall be celebrating Kimi's Birthday Party on 19th, which is later than his actual birth date which is the 17th, we decided to have a small celebration to mark this special day.

We brought Kimi to T3 for a walk-about and then had dinner and cake at Jenny's. We bought the much talked about Popeye Chicken and some Zhi-Char (local chinese take-away). Frankly, didn't think the Popeye was as great as what some have raved about. Though, I agree it's much better than KFC. Think the cook overdid the salt badly!

Nonetheless, we had a nice day out and Kimi enjoyed himself especially with the girls!

Happy Kimi, on our way to T3

Kimi, amazed by the giant propeller ahead of him


Kimi can't leave these cuties alone

Father & son having a 'tickled' time

Popeye - didn't deliver much punch...

Present from Grandpa

Durian Birthday Cake

Kimi is ONE!!


Lannie Loke said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Kimi.

'Fai kou cheong tai'.


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