Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Travel Feeding Tips for an 11 month old

Kimi's food
Kimi's tuna & broccoli porridgeHow the Sanyo Travel Cooker looks like

At this age, Kimi can't really eat outside food yet can't solely rely on milk feeds. Hence, many would shudder when they think of bringing baby for holidays. Fret not, all you need is some planning and lower your expectations a little and enjoy the process.

A good thing to invest is a travel cooker. Hb have this Sanyo cooker since 1992 and it has served us well all these years. Now, I whiped it out for our Seoul trip for Kimi's porridge..

Some food ideas are of course, jar foods for convenience. You can also throw in some Nestle instant porridge for last minute meals. I personally like Pigeon's packet meals as it's so easy and you can even bring it with you when dining out. Cos all you need is to pour some hot water on the pack and leave it for 2-3 mins and you have a piping hot meal..

If you have access to supermarkets, you can buy broccoli and carrots for your porridge and that sums up baby's veg needs. These are 2 good veg to get (if you can bring in to the station, pack it in your cargo luggage) cos they hold up well unlike leafy veg..

As for baby's protein, you can bring along some canned tuna or get some eggs at the local supermarkets. Also do not forget your ikan bilis powder, they can save your day! Or, open up a jar of food and mix in to plain porridge for a new twist...

Breakfast foods should be fast and easy to prepare. Bring along some jar fruit puree and add to nestum, cereal, etc. I normally buy fresh milk and bread at the locals. To warm milk, I sterilise the boiler (add 1 sterilising tablet) and use that to heat up the milk - heats in a jiffy. If I can get fresh fruits, then I will add that to breakfast if not, just rely on jars. Don't be overly anal about serving jars to your baby. There are organic ones to choose from and even the regualar ones are made under high quality standards..

Being on holiday doesn't mean your bb do not get any variety. You can still give him good nutritious food in variety. All you need is some creativity and plan all his meals ahead and really relax a little. Do not get too uptight over the small things cos you are on a holiday! ENJOY!

** Pls ensure that food served are age appropriate



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