Monday, January 07, 2008

Seoul Holidays

We departed early morning of the 29th (Jan 07). The itinerary is to stay in Seoul for 2 nights before flying to Vancouver for a couple more days. However, eventually, I stayed in Seoul alone with Kimi as the flight out of Vancouver was overbooked. Hb didn't want to risk bringing us in case we get off-loaded and get stuck at Vancouver.

Oh well! No choice but to stay in Korea and I was quite determined to make my stay as enjoyable as possible sans hb. Thought it would be a lovely way for more bonding and mother/son time together in a foreign land - what an adventure... yes, no?

Guess it would have been fab if the weather didn't suddenly took a downturn, literally and if I had not forgotten to bring the stroller weather shield! Sometimes, I can be a pea-brain.

In the end, with temperatures like minus 8 degrees (the day we went to the Temple opposite the hotel), we spent most of our afternoons roaming the COEX mall which is just below the hotel.

Frankly, Seoul is SO VERY CHILD UNFRIENDLY! You can be struggling with your stroller and an heavy glass door and people will just stroll by, not once have someone stopped to help. I would have been grateful if they did not try to run us down with pushing/shoving me aside or kicking my stroller! Ya ya ya, I know it's their culture but ... 'nuff said. I also dislike their subway (mrt) as not all have lifts and even those handicap chair lifts are for locals cos I tried using one and apparently, there is a special key to unlock. I can understand why the need so that there's no abuse.
But, it is really no joke carrying a kimi-laden stroller, diaper bag & food shoppings walking up & down eons & eons of stairs. Not 1 person came forward to help. Hence, I decided not to venture on my own after that day I took a train to Lotte World. At one point, I thought my knee was giving away after walking like a few hundred flights of stairs!

Anyway, here are some pix to share. I didn't really take many pix as I was already struggling with Kimi & stroller. Thank God that it was a travel stroller that I lugged with me & not my usual one!

Kimi at T2 after check-in

Kimi in his cot at the Hotel

After landing in Seoul, we went for a quick dinner at
a eating joint, opposite the hotel. I had Ginseng Chix
while hb had Soon-dobu (not sure if spelling is correct).
We shared a bimbibap, loved the condiments!

That night, it snowed and we awoke to snow flakes on our window sill

Outside the subway, on our way to Lotte World

Kimi with papa inside the station

Jus bought a woolie to cover Kimi's little head. So cute right? He's almost crying as he doesn't want this funny thing on his head! We had to ask him to look at the other babies who were wearing head gear to convince him not to yank it off!

Kimi, so happy inside the play-house. There is a play area with balls and gym for toddlers this departmental store we went

Our lovely hotel room at InterContinental COEX. Kimi KO in the cab to the hotel.

The Boguesa Temple opposite the hotel. This was the coldest day during our stay - minus 8 degrees! I really love these old architecture of temples and palaces and wouldn't mind going to Seoul again to visit them. The weather was simply just too cold to be gallivanting outside with a bubba even if I was game to travel 2 hours to get to where I wanted to. Such a pity too, cos aft making our way up the temple, Kimi was fussing so I headed back. Hence, didn't get any pix, excep for these few. Kimi, above outside the souvenir store.

Look at the lovely, colourful lanters and huge bell!

Kimi having his milk before his nap.... ahhh.. blissful!

Then, I quickly had my lunch at Berith. It serves fried rice (fusion omu rice) in omelette with different toppings! I ordered his creamy salmon one, it was sooo delicious! Try it if you have a chance!

This is how Kimi greets us in the mornings!

Early morning Kimi! See the before & after? So fresh and clean after a bath!

Kimi chewing on a bread stick while I ate my lunch and Yes, I was back at Berith cos I saw someone having the hamburger steak omu rice and I just had to have it. Look at how thick the beef is? It is almost as thick as the omelette rice! Although the beef was a little strong, I still enjoyed it! Kimi was running a slight fever but he could still smile, what a sweetie!


The Old Seoul Station and ....

The New Seoul Station

After not sleeping for 2 nights, I just had no energy to put on any make-up when I went out! I look ghastly! This was the day we were heading back to Singapore, I can't wait! Kimi is much better, but he looks rather not himself as he did not eat or drink much milk... poor thing!

Happy Kimi with Papa - look at the lovely landscape!



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