Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scents & Touch

It's been a while since we went to the Botanic Gardens so I decided to bring Kimi there this morning to run, sweat and have fun. Keke!

Although it was just maybe 2 months back that we were there, he changed a bit .... What do I mean? Well, before, he used to run and bash about but now he will stop and 'smell the roses'. Of course he still ran and still bash about, but, he was so much more keen today to learn about the things we past by. I'm so happy!
We were feeding the swans when we were 'attacked' by this bunch of pigeons! Everytime Kimi threw bread, he would say, 'Throw'. So cute!
Kimi waving bye to the pigeons

Kimi in his new rain boots. I changed him into this so that his shoes won't get wet as he often wants to step into the lake when feeding the swans. Cool hor? I wanna get a pair for me-self too! Keke!
In full view of the boots
Kimi back in his trackies. Nowadays, he does wierd actions and movements ....
like the above - leg lifts and kungfu kicks!
Stepping on the fallen flowers and feeling it and ...
of course, must touch also cos feeling with legs just not enough
Kimi pointing out the Ixora when I asked him! I have been showing him Ixora for the longest time everyday when he went for our walks. But he was never quite keen to response. Today, he promptly pointed them out. Maybe a change of environment makes him more keen or those we pass everyday looks too bleah...
He also learnt very quickly what a nangka/cempedek (Jackfruit) was and could point out to me. It was also the ripening season so the air was lightly laced with the fragrance of Jackfruit. Heavenly!
At Children's Garden - looking longingly and not wanting to go home... aww..
After snacks and drinks, I asked Kimi to try to put the rubber band through the snack box. That occupied him for a while as he tried figuring out while I quickly wolf down a hotdog. In the end, he couldn't do it. It's ok, we'll play this another time and am sure he can do it!


Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow.. so cute!!!! Kimi is so cute... Kimi mummy, you really did a great job as a mummy to take care of kimi......Keep it up!!!

tona-mama said...

Ellena, tks so much for your kind words! :) *blush, blush*


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