Monday, November 03, 2008

1st Day at Kids'

We set off early today as I wanted Kimi to eat brekkie at his new school. Hoping for him to get used to the environment quickly.

The day did not start as well and Kimi was cranky the moment he was awake. I knew that means disaster. I hoped and prayed hard that it will be a good day.

Anyhow, at school, Kimi decided not to eat the brekkie there after just one bite... well, I can't blame him cos I wouldn't too. The supposedly butter & bread combo had sooo little scrapping of butter. Maybe, I've been too generous with Kimi that he can't appreciate such 'sandwich'? Frankly, I can't too. So we skipped that.

Lessons started with circle time with singing and all. Kimi also didn't want to participate after like a minute into it. But, it's ok said his teacher, let him explore. Well, he was happy to explore and play on his own.
Kimi was most happy with the indoor gym-play of running, singing and dancing. My proudest moment was when Kimi finished his bowl of lunch (consisting of rice, minced chix & veg), self-feeding himself in like 10 or 15 mins? Wow! I was so happy!

Overall, Kimi seems to be adapting well. I even left for 30mins to get lunch and he was ok too. But, the teacher did say that when he saw some kids going home, he kept wanting to take his bag and leave too! Haha!

So far, I'm happy with the place. The teachers are nice and they kept enforcing personal hygiene/cleanliness and being nice to your friends. The asst teacher also stressed the importance of constant and close communications with parents and gave me her hp no. She also informed me that there will not only be weekly newsletters emailed to us but constant feedback to parents via hp or email.

I've also been asked to provide a family pix as there is a pix wall for the kids and that serves to let the kids get to know their friend's family and I guess, like a security blanket for them? I noted that the teacher constantly had her digi-cam in her pocket and would not hesitate to whip it out to snap shots of the kids at work, etc. Nice!

Tomorrow it's water play and I'm sure Kimi will enjoy himself loads!
In the lift, on the way to the car, Kimi gives me a reluctant smile.
The only shot of Kimi is full gear but it has to be blurred! Exasperation!
Anything that has animals makes Kimi happy!
Then Kimi got a little bored as he didn't want to join in.
Ahhh.. read a book, another favourite too!
But when the building blocks were out, he was there in a shot!
My favourite happy shot!
Lunch time! Kimi scooping the rice ...
And aim accurately ... goes into mouth! Another milestone achieved!
After lunch he had a slice of apple - seems like enjoying ya?
While the girls were showering, the boys stayed in the class for some more fun. Kimi and his little friends. Look, the boy even used his leg to try and tilt his chair back. Aiyo, his feet is so near Kimi's face.



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