Sunday, November 02, 2008

BB Beef & Veg Burger On Hash

Pardon the cold-looking cheese above - it was actually rather soft when it was time to eat! Poor Kimi has to wait for his food all the time while mummy indulges in taking pix! Keke!

We did not do any homeschool this week as was busy organising Kimi's new school and stuff.

We had an early start today, feeding the swans at SBG again and water-play at Children's Gdn. Well, not me ... Kimi asked for it. He had been asking for it the past few days already but I kept telling him only during the weekends.

This morning, right after he had his milk, he went on and on about "duck, duck and signing me the eat handsign. So, we went and had our lunch at Vivo.

This is what Kimi had for dinner today. Something fast and easy. We only played matching games, memory games (sequencing) and linking memory games today and the last few days. Hope next week, we can settle down fast so we can continue with our lessons. Keke!

  • 2 tbsp of minced beef (marinated with kelp and pepper)
  • 1 egg lightly beaten
  • 1 slice of bread OR 4 tbsp breadcrumbs (quickly processed in blender for bread crumbs)
  • 2 florets of broccoli (chopped finely)
  • 3 tbsp of fresh shaved corn (steamed lightly)
  • 1 slice of cheddar cheese cut/tear into size of burger to top
  • 1 small potato (shredded thinly with 'holed' potato peeler
  • Some milk
  • 4 pcs of Meiji cracker OR 2 pc of plain cracker (processed till fine)
Beef & Veg Burger (Makes 5-6 mini burgers)
  1. Add half of the egg mixture, breadcrumbs (use half 1st), broccoli and corn and mix well.
  2. If too wet, you can a little more breadcrumbs or add a little more egg mixture if too dry.
  3. Heat a little oil in pan, use small fire.
  4. Using wet hands, shape small balls of mixture and flatten lightly before placing on pan.
  5. Fry till golden brown, turn and place a small slice of cheese on top.
  6. Once the underside is cooked, so has the cheese melted too.
  7. Remove onto kitchen towels and place on top of hash once it is ready.
  1. Once potato has been shredded, wash lightly in salted water. Rinse well and use kitchen towel to dry it.
  2. Add some milk and pepper to the balance egg mixture. Stir lightly.
  3. Stir in the potato shreds and cracker crumbs.
  4. Heat oil in pan. Scoop a little, approximately the size of the burger and let it cook on low fire.
  5. Turn other side and let it cook till golden.
  6. Place burger on top and serve with fruit salad or fresh fruit juice.
  7. You can also serve with a dollop of Japanese mayo or tomato sauce. I would recommend a squeeze of tomato sauce or chopped tomato instead.
  8. ENJOY!!


  • If you do not have crackers at home, you can substitute with a sprinkling of flour instead. I used crackers as it is more fragrant.
  • Experiment with not just potatoes, you can add in pumpkin shreds, etc for variety and colour or whatever veg you need to give to baby to complete his daily requirements.



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