Sunday, November 09, 2008

Carnival @ Children's Gardens

I was still 2 minded the night before whether to go. Cos hb is not around and the carpark at CG will be closed. A little apprehensive about logistics in case Kimi decides to be uncooperative. Anyhow, Cam repeatedly asked me to go so decided to brave it. Hee!

After some rain in the morning, the air was rather cool when I arrived and I was happy to see many old friends who were so welcoming and excited to see how much Kimi has grown.

At the entrance, we were greeted by this huge inflatable clown with a bubble machine that spewed hundreds and thousands of lovely bubbles! Kimi was so happy and excited and spent at least 15mins there before I could pull him away.

Kimi decorated a gingerbreadman and I was surprised that the gingerbread was nice, so unlike many I have tasted. He then had a huge Dragonfly balloon (letter D, in line with this week's alphabet learning) and had an Elmo painted on his hand. Never expected he could sit there for the pix to be completed!

Next stop was clay painting and we chose a Duck figurine (needless to say why right? hee!) and the ladies at the same painting table were so fond of Kimi and he really entertained them. After that, we heard some banging but by the time we got there, the percussion workshop using recycled materials like pots, pans and sieve were ending and Kimi was so disappointed!

Luckily the Chinese orchestra was due to start and Kimi's face lit up again! Overall, we both enjoyed ourselves and Kimi had on his best behaviour. Sadly, we couldn't stay longer as it was inching towards Kimi's nap time. After 3+ hours of walking and activities, we both slept like a log when we got home!
Bubbles fascination - never mind the DANGER sign! *Faint!*
The plain gingerbreadman
Then Kimi wanted to bite into it - it smelled really nice! This really evoked X'mas feelings for me ...
Decorating with hands
Adding some final touch
The completed gingerbreadman
Kimi's Giant Dragonfly courtesy of Michelle. Tks Aunty Michelle!
Aunty Sharona painting an Elmo on Kimi. Amazed he could just sit thru the entire painting
Kimi so happy with his painting and kept pointing to it
Getting ready to paint the clay Duckie
Little artist hard at work
In full concentration
Dancing to the Chinese Orchestra!
Guess what we found? Kimi so happy to find a Parasaurolophus hanging on 1 of the branches - what sharp eyes he's got!
Kimi's first clay artwork!



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