Saturday, November 29, 2008

KK Concert 2008

Last Saturday, Kimi performed in his school's concert despite having only practised for 3 weeks! His teacher said that he learnt very fast and could remember all the steps and can 'shake' very well. So, since 1 of the boys is not attending, we decided to buy over his costume and let Kimi have a go! Think I'm more excited than he was! Imagine, my baby, going on stage, wow! What a milestone!

Anyway, the whole family wanted to give Kimi support and for a short 'shake' on stage, 7 of us went. We cheered, laughed and weeped. Well, I certainly did. Always never been able to control my emotions ... I saw my mum teared a little too, with joy I guess.

When Kimi went on stage, he started 'dancing' even before the music came on and everyone laughed and cooed. His class performed 2 segments, Hokey Pokey and Macarena. And Kimi practically made the stage his. How? Some parts he will follow, most parts he ran around, forward, backward, etc! It was so funny! I don't know how but he seemed to be able to catch the steps and tempo after each 'stray'.

Then when everyone went off stage, he still wriggled a little on stage alone before running off in his tip-toe fashion, palms outreach to his classmates, screaming happily and MUST be the first to walk down the stairs, pushing almost everyone in his path off! *faint!* What happened to being chivalrous and gracious and letting the girls go first? Down the drain, I guess.
The whole gang, bright and early
What allowed us in
The theme : Everyone Has Music Inside - very true..
A cute Pre-Nursery class performing Mexican Hats Dance
Kimi on stage doing the Hokey Pokey
Look Kimi is the youngest that day - his classmate, Sherlyn is almost a year older!
Bending up and down before running away
and running back to have a go at rolling his hands to the Macarena
The K2 class doing the Para Para
Teacher Nitha was very nice to stay with Kimi during the finale so he won't run away! They just know him too well. Haha!
Grumpy shot with Papa cos it was way past nap time!


Lazyg3r said...

aiyo, kimi so cute!!

tona-mama said...

Ju- keke! Yes! He was just so adorable! When he walked out, I almost burst out in tears!! Silly me right? Keke!


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