Sunday, November 23, 2008

Artfully Busy Week ...

It's been a busy but rewarding week for us. First, we went to watch "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle, followed by Disney Live, 3 Classic Tales and then a workshop at the National Museum. All in the same week!

I was so impressed and proud of Kimi who sat through both shows! Amazing right? Well, at least for me cos Kimi is such an active, active child.

I think he enjoyed the Caterpillar show best cos he still (till now) mentions the caterpillar! After the show, I did not want to miss the opportunity, so when we reached home, I quickly read the story to Kimi again and we 'revised' our learning of the lifecyle of the butterfly with the toy set. Kimi surprised us by imitating the movement of the caterpillar by 'leopard-crawling' on the floor! haha! It was so cute!

Well, he was so keen on being a caterpillar that he repeated it all week! Guess we were lucky too cos in school, it was also the Caterpillar theme and they also read Eric Carle's story and did crafts related to butterflies and caterpillar. What excellent timing!

Although the Disney show featured 3 princess tales, Kimi was really rooting for Mickey and everytime they came out or the 3 little rats appeared, he would clap and scream, "wow"! I was so happy he sat through this 1.5 hours!

Lastly, we went to the Museum and this week's theme was on food. It covered foods from the past and present. There was a singing session, followed by image play of eating in a restaurant with play-food and then doing up a craft of the hawker baskets of the old. Then we were given a complimentary visit to the Food Gallery.

Didn't feel this was exactly a fabulous workshop but well, it kept him occupied for Sunday and Kimi get to go on a date with his favourite little friend, Estelle!
Kimi so captured with the things behind this wall
My fave shot - a nice smiley one! Precious!
Kimi is so like me - we love all things Xmas!
Before the workshop started, there were free play and of cos, Kimi would head for the puzzles!
Then of cos boy's play things - he loves fiddling with these!
Then it was singing time
Image Play - Eating at a restaurant and Kimi grabs his favourite food - corn!
The Mobile Satay Man of the old. Kimi helping to 'cook' the food.
Kimi handling over his craft for the adding the final touch of a stick so that he can carry on his shoulders like how the mobile hawkers used to.
Here's my little Satay man!
A visit to the Food Gallery. Kimi looking on at another boy pounding the mortar
These stations are his favourite. You place the thing near your nose and pull the key and you get a whiff of what's in the glass containers. There are cinnamon, cardamon, coconut, etc to try out!
Lovely isn't it? All the cake moulds of the past!
I love this pix even though it is overexposed cos Kimi is smiling so sweetly!
Can you spot Kimi's craft?
The 2 kiddos caught on the large video wall - nice!



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