Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kimi Speaks ...

1) Situation 1 - Sunday morning on way to church
Me & hb : Kimi, come let's wear your watch. Wear on your left hand alright? See, papa and mama also wear on the left hand. Left hand is the correct side and it's nice, ok?

Kimi : NO, I wear right hand.

Me & hb : :O (speechless)

2) Situation 2 - Sunday night, bedtime
Me : Mama carry Kimi to sleep ok?

Kimi : No, Kimi sleep bed.

Me : Ok, good boy.

(After 10 mins, still playing, rolling in his cot and even laying half body in his cot and head on my bed, wanting to watch MY tv prog)

Me : Kimi, if you don sleep, mama will carry you.

Kimi : NO, no carry.

(Kimi still refuses to budge and has his head on my bed)

Me : Kimi, mama want you to put your head on your pillow and close your eyes and sleep. (Kimi ignores). Kimi, mama going to count 1 to 3 and if you don lie on your pillow, mama is going to carry you. (I start to count) 1-2 ...

Kimi : 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ....

Me : :O (don know to laugh, cry or get angry)

3) Situation 3 - Today before bedtime shower
Kimi : I want watch Wu Bai

Me : Ok, but only for 15mins cos Kimi had gym today so you are tired. We have to shower early and rest. Ok? Understand mama? Ok?

Kimi : Ok

(I put on Wu Bai's concert dvd and of cos I, too, enjoyed WB's music and started to sing and get all excited and egged Kimi to dance too. I continued singing to WB's song. Suddenly, Kimi turned and said matter-of-factly ...)

Kimi : Mama, keep quiet (Kimi then continues to watch WB intently, swaying to the beat).

Me : :O

I must have sang badly! Wuhaha!


Ellena said...

Wow... Kimi is so cute.... hehehe

SOmetime we really cannot tahan what the kids said hor... want to make us *Faint* :p

tona-mama said...

Ellena - Ya lor! They outsmart us ALL the time!


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