Friday, October 09, 2009

Bento #38 - Animal Lunch

2 fish fingers cut in halves, 1 chicken nugget, 2 sticks of soya beans, corn, cocktail sausages rolled with bread

Nothing fanciful. Every Friday, I need to get some lunch ready in a jiffy for Kimi so that he can chomp on it right after class.

I usually prepare simple finger food cos Kimi will eat at his stroller or finish up any last bit in the car, on his food tray. So, really, nothing too fanciful or messy. Mostly, it's the same stuff cos I also prefer making stuff which he likes. After 1.5hours of class, I have no energy to fight with him during meal times.

After Kimi's stomach-flu, these few days, he is eating with a vengeance! I made a variety today as wasn't sure what he wanted and wow, he finished all of it!


javapot said...

Glad Kimi is fine now. u take care too.

tona-mama said...

Java, tks for well wishes... he's eating well now. Praise God! :)


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