Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cute Counters

I saw some very cute counters a long time back when Kimi just turned 1 and was keen to get them. But it was very expensive so when I needed some now, I decided to make them instead.

This is so easy to do and so customisable as you can choose the kind of pix your child loves most, beating all commercial counters and at a fraction of the cost! :)

What you need :
  • Some large puffy stickers (preferably a few of the same sheet)
  • Foam sheets
  • Scissors
  • Patience
How to do it?
  • Stick the stickers lining them up nicely on the foam sheets
  • Cut around the stickers
  • Use it!

If you find foam sheets too light, you can stick them on magnetic strips or magnets (avail from Daiso) and use them on those cheap white magnetic boards for games, etc.

Besides being counters, you can use these for :-

  • Sequencing
  • Sorting
  • Maths activity
  • Memory game
Cheap and cute puffy stickers
All lined up and ready to be cut - various themes!
Cute counters!


Zonnah said...

This is such a great idea! Now I got to find some puffy stickers.

CH said...

i'm an anon reader recently found your blog (and lovin' it!)!

Can I ask where do you get the foam sheets from?

And which Daiso branch do you shop at most of the time? (i heard the PS branch is really messy...)

E's Mama

Sheryn said...


I like your idea.
Can share with me where to get the stickers and foam sheets?



tona-mama said...


Tks! Glad you liked them! Tks for visiting too! :)

See you soon!

tona-mama said...

Hi CH!

Tks for visiting and liking our blog.

We have been very busy recently so have not been updating as frequently as I should, sorry! :(

I got the foam sheets from Popular. They come in single or mixed colours in A4 size. You can just ask the staff and they will direct you. :)

I'm so blessed that I have a Daiso next door (Rivervale Mall) so I go there now. But I realise different branches tend to carry slightly diff stuff so I just go ard..PS, Vivo, Sembawang and now my plc! :)

I guess with high overheads, Daiso do have limited space and cant get large retail space units so everything is everywhere..n PS is not exactly big either..

Nx time we can go Daiso-shopping tog! Keke!!

tona-mama said...

Hi Sheryn,

Glad you liked them! :)

The foam sheets are from Popular and the puffy stickers I got from Toa Payoh Interchange. There is a cutesy shop called My Sweet House or something like that... I got them from there. It is next to Cheers Convenience shop. Try to get those that are bigger so it is easier and more handy for counting. :)

Sheryn said...

Hi Tona-Mama,

Thanks for the info, I just went to the TPY shop for the foam stickers but do not have the designs that you have and their stickers are quite small :(
think maybe they ran out of stock :)



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