Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Learning - Russia, St. Basil's Cathedral Craft

Remember the many bottles we inherited from the large amounts we drank? I saved some of them to make this craft for our homelearning.

What you need :-

  • A few bottles, 1 taller than the rest
  • Some cords or ribbons
  • Some gold paper, I use those cigarette box inserts (donated by my sis)
  • Printed paper of the facade of St. Basil's Cathedral (you can used plain paper and colour in the exterior)
  • Double sided tapes

The materials

I use double-sided tape on the body of the bottle so it makes sticking on the paper easier. Kimi rolling the paper onto the bottle.
And then using double-sided tape, I stick that alll round the top so Kimi can line up the cords wind it up nicely and easily. With glue, it will be very messy while with double-sided tape, you can remove and re-do and re-adjust. It's also easier for the kids. :)
Our neighbour, Kieran joined us much to Kimi's happiness!
Our completed craft! Yay!! Kimi loves it and is soooo protective of it, not allowing Kieran to bring his piece home. In the end I sneak it to him. :)



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