Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kimi's First Trick or Treat?

We were invited to go trick or treating at the American community by Estelle's mummy. Although I wasn't exactly keen on Halloween, I thought why not let Kimi just have some fun dressing up.

We had dinner at KFC first before heading out. But we could only do 1 hour as it started to drizzle rather heavily. And worst, I had forgotten to charge my cam so it died on me minutes into the thick of action. :( Anyhow, I believe all the kids had loads of fun and yes, we are going again next year!

The kids were already discussing what to be next year while in the car on our way home. Estelle wants to be a cat while Kimi wanted to be a skeleton. Kimi had a few scares so I guess he wanted to scare others back? Haha!

Happy Halloween!

Kimi striking a pose as we leave home. He said he wanted to scare the rest with his sword play later... Using his aeroplane for practice.
The 2 cheeky tots at dinner time!

Kimi striking a pirate pose with his 'weapons'
So difficult to even take a decent pix of the kids. Only Egan (in orange cape) was the only smiling, camer-looking kids from start to end! Haha!
Our loot!



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