Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lunch & Fun with Ju!

So happy we managed to catch the Chans before they went out for lunch and we made a quick decision to eat at Airport T3.  It's been sometime since we've been doing our dinner dates and the boys really missed each other so much.  The other week when Kimi was on school holidays, he insisted that I picked Charmaine and Julian as we were leaving for Botanic Gardens.  That's how much he missed them!

As usual, everytime we are here, Kimi HAS to go on these kiddy rides, he LOVES them!

Always Kimi's 1st choice - Police Bike! Pure happiness written all over his face
Then he decided he wanted to change to this car - see that cheeky face? My fave pix!
Supermummy Charmaine & Sweet Ju
As both the hubbies had something on, we decided to continue on our 'date' and let the kiddos skip their nap.  After dropping them off, we went to Polliwogs for some indoor fun.
Kimi as usual.. very drama!
Happy boy! Ju enjoyed exploring and climbing.  He was awesome on all the obstacles although it was his first time there! 
The last time we were here, Kimi couldn't 'swing' himself, I had to push him.  This time round he was doing it so well and enjoying it so much.  Look how sweaty he is!
What a wonderful and tiring day!!!


Lia Chen said...

Kimi looks so cute and having so much fun there :)

tona-mama said...

Lia- Hi!! Happy to see you here!

Yes! He was so happy!!

Tks for visiting our blog!! :)

mommykim said...

this kiddy ride looks so fun! kimi looks absolutely delirious on them. where's it located at?

tona-mama said...

Faeriekim - Yes!! Kimi loves it. Now he has 'graduated' to those 4 year olds... faster and he absoulutely loves it!

Tis boy loves speed.. makes me worry..

Its at Airport T3, B2 carpark. :)


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