Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bento #265 - Laundry Line

Today's bento is more of my personal fantasy more than Kimi's likes! Lol!  Made something simple - a laundy line.  Yup! And little boy asked me why.  I told him just for fun. :)

But actually, I love looking at laundry lines, especially when the clothes bellow in the wind, releasing the sweet, fresh smell of sun and detergent. I guess it's childhood memories? I especially love those country laundry lines and how nice it is to run through fresh clothes and roll on the soft, green grass!  I also love beach country homes and the white laundry that bellows softly while I stare at the endless sea, relaxing in a hammock.  Ahhh... what a life!

Upclose of my laundry line - made of cheese, salami, nori and spagetti

Ok, back to reality.  Today's lunch is rice layered with fish floss and seaweed, chicken teriyaki bites, broccoli, corn, grapes and marshmellow for treat.

I'm still dreamy again! lol! I think I need a holiday badly!



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