Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bento #263 - Singapore National Day Bento

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!

Today there is an early celebration in Kimi's Kindy and he is very excited!. The kids will be dressed in the distinct Red & White and are going on a walk at the Park Connectors and thereafter, playing some outdoor games there.

The kindy will be serving donut and Kimi had wanted to eat in school but I reminded him that he may be limited by the number of pieces, so he suggested a small snack bento.

Can you tell the little boy waving the flag is Kimi? Hee hee! It is made from corn bread balls and stuffed with fish floss. Chicken satay, corn, broccoli, blueberries and green tea gummy.

Hope Kimi has lots of fun in school today! Yay! long weekend ahead!


Kathy said...

So cute!! And a wonderful way for your child to join in the celebration.

tona-mama said...

Hi Kathy, Thank you! Yes, Kimi had much fun eating and playing in school for pre National Day Celebrations!

Tian Min said...

Hi, so happy to meet fellow bento mom here!
I like the cute little corn bread boy you made! So neat n tidy!

tona-mama said...

@ TM - Yes, yes! Me too! I've abandoned my blog way too long and I'm feeling so guilty cos its my special memory for my little boy and I;ve not been updating. Hope I can maintain!

Thanks very much again for your sweet comments! :)


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