Monday, August 27, 2012

Bento #268 - Happy Hedgehogs

I've always loved hedgehogs especially those cute softies and now, so does Kimi. We think they are uber cute, even the real ones!  I remembered my sis's ex place had a family of them in her back garden. :) I've made hedgehogs before so here's another.

Lunch for my little one today is Chicken Miso Soup with Ume Soba which Kimi enjoys. Little hedgehogs are made from quail's eggs. I threw in some ketchup to help him eat.  Also packed in 2 mini bananas and apple juice to complete his meal.

Counting down to end of the week! Can't wait for sch hols to start. Am I the only mom who loves holidays? Frankly, 1 week is way too short.  Thought of starting the sch hols week earlier.  Somehow I wished I can homeschool Kimi instead and we can have fun everyday and not just academics.  Really, can the children of Singapore get back their childhood? Hope the PM's speech at last night's National Day Rally will be carried out. :)



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