Friday, September 28, 2012

Bento #283 - Star Wars Sammies

Ok, Yoda and Darth arent exactly buddies or couple but I only had 5-10 mins to throw a bento together and this was the fastest way to close the lid on a prepared box! lol!  But, if you think about it, before Anakin became Vader, he'd most probably was chummies with Yoda? :)

I had a good time this morning cos I went for a coffee chat cum breakfast with Kimi's teacher, Kettrin. Guess we gossipped, er, I meant fellowshipped a bit too much that I almost missed the time!  Actually, I was really running late. It was such a enjoyable morning and it's the first time I had such a leisurely break in the morning.  Thanks to hb for taking care of Kimi and tks Kett, we must 'la-kopi' again soon!

In the box is quick pressed Nutella sammies with carrot bread, seaweed chix, corn and broccoli!  Really, I am lousy with bread, many mummies I know have such great sandwich pressing skills!  Must pratise more!! :)

Can you see the Lego on top right? Kimi built that and called it his "zoomer".  Nice!!

Thank God it's Friday! Yay, next week is a short week!



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