Tuesday, December 26, 2006

36 Weeks and Counting

I am 36 weeks today! How time flies yet again!!!

Went for check up and Kimi is now approximately 2.6kg! We are very happy that he is growing well and placenta is also holding up well too.

My cervix has not dilated so our fears are abated. Have to see Dr Gordon next week, 4/1/07. As my cervix is still closed, he can't confirm if we are going ahead with the induction on 11/1/07. Guess, have to wait & see. Also did the Strep B swab today and to continue with BP medication as BP was not ideal.

Collected my 2 Wish-list Fisher Price mobiles from HB's colleague, Steve today who has kindly helped to lug back for us!! Can't wait to listen to it!!

Oh ya, forgot to thank Julie for giving the Ocean Wonders Aquarium (on the right) as a X'mas present to us and Kimi. Thanks very much again, Julie & Peter!



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