Thursday, December 07, 2006

X'mas - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

YES!! X'mas, its the most wonderful time of the year! Also part of the lyrics of my fave xmas song, don't you agree?

Told Hb that I want to put up the Xmas decor earlier this year as it makes me happy and help to lift my spirits - of course he never refused anything to make me happy! So yesterday we went to IKEA to buy the live Xmas tree... I LOVE LIVE XMAS TREES!! It gives out this lovely fresh scent and makes your little corner come alive, literally!

So, which do u like best? The day or night setting? It looks even more lovely here at my home! Soon I gotta get some lovely xmas candles to infuse and bring out the Xmas cheer even more - I love the cinnamon-y, frankincense, gingerbread smells! Yum!

Xmas and CNY are both of my favourite times of the year as it is so festive and also a time for family to come together - both festivals make me so happy!

Although today's check-up with Dr Gordon didn't go so well as my BP has gone up again and I have to be back on medication, I have decided that I will keep my spirits up for the sake of our baby. At least, most importantly, he is growing and placenta is still doing well. So, I shall not dwell on unhappy stuff here, enjoy the Xmas tree folks!!

(Left to right) - Day, Night



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