Monday, December 25, 2006

Busy Bee, X'mas Parties & Pressies !!!

M E R R Y X' M A S !!!
X'mas is finally here!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Have been busy baking brownies and swiss rolls for the x'mas log the past few days that my legs now resembles elephant leg ... sorry folks, no pix - too shy to even post! hahah!

X'mas Eve
As I was having a popiah party for our small gathering of close friends on the 25th, reckoned I made extra so that we can also have some for x'mas eve at Jen's place. I think I did quite well for a first-timer, keke! Amidst all the celebration, we forgot to take pix of the food, save for the log cake I baked.

I had a real scare today as I started feeling menstrual-like cramps from 8:58pm till about 9:40pm and the pain came in 5-10 mins intervals. Luckily Hb is back and Dr Gordon is back too but it's really still too soon for Kimi to arrive. So I kept telling Kimi to hang in there. Thank God, it was only Braxton-Hicks, Phew!

Above - Me & the girls, see how much they've grown & how tired I looked! Yucks!!

Left - As usual, hovering over the presents when they've almost opened up all of them!!

My dear Hb bought me this lovely leather time-keeper in the shape of a Retriever, I love it!!! So nice right??

X'mas Day
My popiah spread! Alas, NO PIX again as Hb again forgot to snap ... So sad! BUT .... All of us had alot of fun rolling the popiahs, HB in his enthusiam, added too much filling and made a popiah burger instead!! hahah! But got pix of the xmas log I baked though ... complimentary of Charmaine - as usual, she's always thoughtful and meticulous ...

Kimi's First X'mas Pressies
Our lucky baby - his first 3 X'mas presents and he's still happily kicking in my tum tum! One from the girls (Peter Rabbit Song Book), Charmaine (Peter Rabbit Baby Book) and Hb's colleague (Baby Gap Gift Set). Thanks very much everyone! Kimi loves them all and so does mummy!

Above - Pressie from HB's colleague
Below left to right - From Charmaine, from the girls



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