Friday, December 01, 2006

Washing Kimi's Clothes & Packing Hospital Bag

Going into my 33rd week and I've yet to pack my hospital bag - getting 'kan-cheong' already.

Sorted some of Kimi's most essential clothes today for washing ... those that he will need for discharge till 2-3 months old. Also, all mittens, socks, blankies and wraps. The rest I packed them and store in wardrobe till later.

At last, my hospital bag is almost ready ... still got some more stuff to put in like CDs, essence (?), etc... at least the bulk is done - am at peace now! Keke!

(1st left - rompers for home use)
(2nd left - Kimi's pyjamas)

(Bottom) - Hats, mittens, booties & Tops for home-use



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