Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kimi's Many Personalities

Personality 1 - Caterpillar
Today when I brought Kimi for cycling, I decided to let him hold onto a leaf so he can feel the texture. Last week while waiting for Papa, I let him play at the fields, picking up twigs and leaves, he loves it.

This time, he crunched the leaf and was so happy that it made a nice crackling sound. Although i warned him not to eat it, after some distance, I found him chewing happily! I had to pry open his mouth to remove the leaf bits!

Kimi when I first gave him the leaf

Kimi starts to crunch the leaf & enjoying the sound before he 'ate' the leaf!

Observation - "Have my baby became a caterpillar??"" Keke!

Personality 2
After we got home from walking Enzo, Kimi threw the ball at Enzo while in the playpen. Enzo picked it up with his mouth (Enzo's favourite toys are balls). So i washed it and returned it to Kimi. This time, Kimi imitated Enzo and picked it up with his mouth!

Kimi trying to be Enzo

Observation - "Enzo no. 2?" Wuhahaha!

Conclusion - Kids!! They just pick up the good, bad & ugly at lightning speed so we have to be really careful with what we say or do in front of them!



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