Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 Babes @ Palawan Beach

We wanted to spend a day together so Cat suggested going to Sentosa for the morn and then back to her place for lunch and nap. Of cos, this time round, we made sure that 1 child in 1 room during nap time.

Yes, we did it! All 3 slept more or less about the same time and we girls were lamenting how we could have done some cooking.

Nevertheless, we had a fun time but I tell you, I AM SO TIRED! It was such a long walk to the carpark, especially when lugging Kimi and stuff! My left arm almost dropped off as Kimi was arching back and leaning back and what have you.

I wonder when we will do the beach again? It's hard work bringing Kimi to the beach on my own as he just wants to run into the waves!

But there is a little watering point/fountain just before the beach, outside KouFu which I thought was much better as it was cleaner. The sea today was rather filled with junk. Anyhow, it was good fun!

Unbelievable bliss - my rascal is playing amicably with Estelle, instead of bullying her!

Kimi loves watering cans - you will his obsession as you scroll down ...

The sea is beckoning ... Kimi is looking ...

Even after a hard wave and he falls on his bum,

Kimi is still unafraid and wants to even walk out to the sea!

My only pix of Kimi with a frontal shot and smile. And, yes! finally a pix of Cat & Tong in the background. Cat sitting apretty on her beach mat and enjoying the sea breeze! She made fabulous bento for us but I was too busy n hungry to snap! We had potato & tuna croquette with sandwich & mini sausages. YUM!!

Kimi trying to fetch some water with THE watering can ...

Over at the fountain/waterplay area = Kimi : I'm a Lion, see me prowl! Roar!

Kimi : I'm Spidy, see me scale!

Kimi : I'm just a boy who loves water! Ahhh! This is the life!

See how my rascal is bullying Estelle? He pushed her and she tumbled into the plot behind... Sorry, Estelle! I'm so embarassed!

Even when it was Estelle's turn to water the plants, Kimi HAD to hold the watering can. Even when it was Tong's turn, he had to have his hands in it too... sigh..what to do with this boy?

Tong at the helm of the train, Estelle looking for a comfy seat... Btw, it was soooo hot here!

Then we came to another play area...Cool breeze!


Marla said...

Wah, Tona, he's so big! Truly a little cutie-pie, maybe he'll grow up to be as handsome as Wu Bai, huh?

Hope you and David are well, any plans for a Taiwan visit soon?


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