Friday, June 20, 2008

What tai-tais wannabe wished for ...

After we've been meeting quite regularly now, we feel a bit sad that the kids are starting playschool soon and we will be missing out on our morning dates.

So Cat and myself decided we should make the best of these weeks before 'school' starts. My plan was to have a leisurely chat & chomp session at Cat's place.

I'd planned the food, dessert and even drinks to go with our supposedly leisurely lunch when the kids sleep! Who would have expected that Tong refused to sleep for more than an hour after his routined nap time, Kimi zonked off to dreamland on time but woke after an hour and best of all, Estelle did not nap at all!!

It was CHAOS!!! But still, we are super-mummies. We managed to eat (although at diff times) and still could have our banana cake and pacify the kids! Of course, it wasn't cake with coffee and a-tete a-tete as planned but well ... I thoroughly ENJOYED myself! I wouldn't mind doing it again ... (I can see sweat trickling down Cat's temples! Wuhaha!). Ladies and babies, THANKS for a wonderful day! Kimi and myself enjoyed it very much!

And although Cat said that I hadn't sat down much since I arrived in the morning, I didn't noticed it. Think I must be enjoying and basking in their company that I did not feel tired at all. And when I got home, I even mopped the floor, washed the toilet and ironed some clothes after walking Enzo, putting Kimi to bed, cooking a light dinner and washing up the kitchen.

Sometimes I do think I am a super-woman.

Pictures are courtesy of Serene and Cat cos I had a super cranky Octopus that simply gave me no chance to snap anything.

So, I guess so much so for trying to be a tai-tai for a day? Think we'd better stick with being a SAHM - it's definitely easier! Haha!

3 cuties fascinated by the fountain!
Sweet Estelle

My favourite pix! The 3 looked like little garden pixes, busying themselves with gardening! This is Cat's gardening plot at her condo.

Lunch (Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Style), Lychee Spritzer and dessert



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