Friday, June 06, 2008

Claire Turns 10

Claire turns 10 today and you know you have aged so much just by looking at the babies or kids around you. Suddenly they are as tall as you. I can still remember how I carried a month-old infant in my arms all the way from Singapore to London 10 years back. Time really flies!

Claire wanted to spend a day at the Escape Theme Park for her birthday so all of us went. We had a fun but tiring day!
Kimi so happy to get on the choo-choo-train
Fearless again - doesn't matter if train was moving!

I like this pix cos Sarah looks so serene

Always happy to be on his feet

The girls on the 'roller-coaster'

Kimi on the baby plane. He's sulking cos it's near nap time

Hey grandma, let me show you my teeth - Yeeeeee!

Oops, didn't know you have more ...

Not sure if tis is a plane or boat. Who cares as long as Kimi likes it

Anything that has a steering wheel, Kimi likes. Quite sure he will make a fine driver ... Long mouth cos sucking on his cheese

Taught Claire 2 rounds and she could go on her own the last round. Well done!

Yummy Strawberry Shortcake from 4 Leaves. We were wondering why they put 1 green strawberry among the ruby-red ones. Our theory was maybe they knew Claire was still green? Lol!

The women pose for a pix with the Muay Thai Boxer

The lovely Birthday Girl, all of 10!



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