Sunday, June 08, 2008

Haw Par Villa

We were quite disappointed with the Haw Par Villa visit cos it really has lost its awe and former glory. Frankly, the place was full of mozzies and exhibits were 'scattered'. It even looked dilapidated. I remembered when I was small, it was organised and we need only follow the route and it will bring us to all the exhibits.

We spent all but a grand slightly over an hour there. But the girls enjoyed it cos it's different. Think Claire liked it most cos Mummy was telling her all the stories and she was following this group of students who were watching little enactments of the different courts of Hell throughout the place.

Oh ya, those with strollers... forget about bringing one cos it is almost impossible to push around as it is full of steps and disconnected paths.

Kimi kept calling 'duck', 'duck' I let him take a pix with them

As we enter the place ...

Posing at the bridge before we climbed up the stairs!

Claire, so engrossed in the enactment ... well, so were the rest! Look at their serious and intense faces! The boy just infront of Claire was 'scolded' by the Hell Guard for slouching. I almost burst out laughing!

Big & little terrapins sunning



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