Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swim Lessons

Kimi went for his 3rd swim lesson today at Marsden and he is enjoying it so much now. A far cry from his first day. Kimi has always been a duck to water so I couldn't understand why and how he could have cried throughout the whole 30mins during his first day.

I think it must have been cos I woke him to early and he didn't sleep enough. Hb was with us today so I could take some pix but pea-brain me forgot to bring the camera so I had to use my phone.

What I really like about this place although I have to drive like 40mins to reach there is that the pool is covered and heated. Perfect for a baby, regardless of the weather - no chilly dips or harmful UV rays.

Dip! Dip!

Choose a toy

Throw your toy and try to swim towards it

Pick a ball from the sea of colour balls

Kick kick towards basket and throw it in

As usual, Kimi wanted to grab the balls that were already in it ...

Playing Peek-a-boo and then Kimi has to crawl towards Papa at the other end ...

and 'dive' (more like tumble) into the water

Happy water baby

Kimi's favourite - sliding into the water!

Slide and dunk! Kimi never fails to squeal and clap after each slide



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