Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New School

This week and next will be quite busy for us as we have decided to change Kimi to another playschool. And we are very happy with the new school.

Kimi was supposed to attend another school which we had registered for earlier. But a trip there during lessons REALLY put me OFF! The teacher had on a sulky face and was teaching the kids on the top of her voice. More like 'lecturing' than teaching.

I also asked them a few questions and they answered me quite impatiently. Really not happy so I went looking aroung again before we decided on this school. The teachers here are really patient and kind. I hope such behaviour rubs off Kimi cos I know if I let him stay in that school, he will just learn to scream and act like the teachers there.

This new school is essentially a childcare but I shall only have Kimi stay for half a day and homeschooling him the other half 2-3 times a week and the rest of the week, fun! fun! fun!

I like how this school has individual classrooms, omitting the 'zoo' effect where you get an instant migraine the minute you step foot in it. You know, with kids, they always want to be heard so each of them screams louder than the one before!

I also like that they have really good structure and curriculum and are sooo open about what they do and encourage parent/teacher/school interaction! Everyday, there is a contact report for us parents!

They even offered to change Cookery Class which is scheduled on Fridays to another day so that Kimi can join in the fun. This is cos Kimi attends enrichment class on Fridays and do not attend school. This is really what I call customer-centric!

And although we are not Christians, I am not against Christian moral values, in fact, I think they are actually very very good for growing kids. Learning to be kind and putting others before self through interesting Bible stories are good and I really encourage that.

I have a good feeling about this place and I really hope that I did not make a wrong decision and pray that Kimi will enjoy his time there. Kimi will start next week and we are looking forward to it!

Will update at a later date! :)


Lazyg3r said...

The new school sounds interesting! Hopefully Kimi will enjoy his time there. =)

tona-mama said...

Ju- Ya, not too bad, m v happy the past week. Let's see next week how. Tks! He is enjoying n adapting well! :)


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