Monday, December 01, 2008

Feather Friends

There is no school for Kimi today as it is a 1 day term break. In anticipation of Letter E, we visited the Bird Park (Kimi's first) to learn more about Eagles and of course many other feather friends.

Although I had only like 2 hours+ to play with before Kimi's nap, I think we did very well, covering all that I set out to see and even catching 2 shows!

But I tell you, I was weak in my legs after that! What with all the pushing and carrying Kimi and stroller up many many hills and steps! 'SIONG' is the word!

But it is all worth it cos Kimi learnt so much about them and loved his new found friends!

After the park, I met with Cat for some tete-a-tete. We had a lovely chat and yummy desserts. Oops, forgot to take pix!
The mascot - Kimi looking a little apprehensive cos he was caught off-guard with this huge bird and having a crowd of Indian Nationals cheering him on. Actually, they just wanted us to get it done and over with it quickly so they could take pix.. aiyo, vying with a child ...
The 1 pix that the Bird Park staff snapped of us. I refused to pay $18 for the one they took cos it looked the same and as usual, Kimi was looking away. Yes, call me cheapskate!
Kimi looking at a Humboldt Penguin
Lovely King Penguins
My favourite - the Snowy Owl. When I made the Little Owl book for Kimi some time back, I fell in love with owls cos I find them so beautiful and now seeing them up close just made me like them more. When I was small, I was terrified of them cos owls are associated with the night and I remembered cycling at top speed home after tuition at 10pm whenever I heard the owls hooting. Now, I think they are simply beautiful!
Colourful Toucans and ...
Scarlet Macaws. Glad I managed to take some good pix of the birds so I can use them for my flashcards! Nothing beats using self-taken pix! *wink*
What we came for - Eagles! The awesome American Bald Eagle
More Eagle ...
The largest and majestic Eagle which I fogot its name! So angry with myself!
Kimi was simply tickled by this one - the Ostrich! Think he has a funny face?
Kimi trying to imitate the ostrich by sticking out his neck
A smile for mummy!
We went to Ginza Plaza and I found this at Japan Home - FINALLY!! This was recommended by Jireh's Mummy and I had been looking for it for months! Always out of stock and best is the staff and HQ don't know the barcode and can't check when the stock will be in...?? Anyway, I still have the World Places one to hunt down. This is the World Animals design. When we came home, we quickly did this puzzle together (I did the globe) and Kimi helped to put in the animals. A good way to recap what we saw at the Bird Park cos there were Penguins and Eagles.
Puzzle up close


Lazyg3r said...

nice puzzle!!

tona-mama said...

ju - Nice hor??? And so cheap leh! $6.80 only! Did u manage to get the creatives puzzles? Tt day when i was at popular fair, sms u if u wanted me to get for you as on sale but u din reply me leh..u change hp? Also, so sad u closed ur blog... pls revive it leh... :(

J. John said...

The largest eagle that you took a pic of, is it the Steller's Sea Eagle? I vaguely remembered from my trip to the Bird Park last year (I think).

Btw, really nice to see you at Bb Prom too! Sorry didn't have lunch with you that day coz of timing. Guess what? I ate at the cafe within the premise of Victoria Concert Hall and then headed home after that for Jireh's nap. Haha!

Lazyg3r said...

tona, I managed to get some puzzles, but dunno if they are the creative ones you referring to. Tes, the puzzle very nice!! Cheap and good!!

My handphone used to have 2 numbers as I was using the number porting service to retain my old number when I switched service provider. As we were given a choice to choose only to keep one number, I opted my old numbers. I think that time I gave you my new one. Nvm.. I'll drop you a sms with my current number. =))

As for my blog, hmm... I will start a new old prolly for the new year. But I am unfamiliar with the new blogger beta template thingy now. So I am having problem finding blog skin I like which I can customised to my preference, esp when I know nuts abt html. =(( I'll inform you when I start one again.

tona-mama said...

Jireh, Oh is that the eagle's name? I really have an inkling of memory leh...Nx time mus remember to ck it out. But I think u r right cos something stellar.. (Goodness! U went last year and can even remember lor!Peifu!) Aiyo, I REALLY need some brain boosting vitamins!!

Oh, u had makan there? Is it nice? No prob, next time lah and so nice meeting u & Jireh too!

tona-mama said...

Ju, Am waiting patiently & eagerly for ur new blog! :)

Actually beta is easier? Cos the old one all using html codes which is more difficult? Nvm, u have another few weeks to find a suitable design.. (keke, pressure! pressure! ) lol! :)

Anonymous said...

The grilled butter and sour fish that I ordered was nice but the portion was really small. Haha!!

Lazyg3r said...

Guess what?? After the sms exchange with you on Mon, I got my brain cracking and butt moved. My blog is up and running now. Haha... Suddenly I can see the light and everything went well as in getting the new blog skin up. I decided to use back my old blog. So see you there =)


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