Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bento #1 - Teriyaki Salmon Lunch

Teriyaki Salmon with white rice, steamed buttered corn, steamed broccoli and steamed carrot flowers. The blue container had more teriyaki sauce for dipping.
As Kimi is coughing quite badly, I didn't want him to eat too much chicken. The school only serves chicken.
Had been keen to start packing some lunch for him, so ... TADA! Here's my first amateurish bento. I shan't be packing everyday, I also want him to be used to school's food. Intend to do it as and when I need to.
Post update : After my inaugural bento, Kimi was sick and skipped school so no bentos ... But, his teacher said he was so happy to eat the bento and gobbled everything quickly! Aiyo, made me so happy leh!



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