Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas 2008!

As usual, we had Xmas Eve's dinner at Jen's. It was a lovely spread and I just love the turkey that she roasts - fragrant and juicy! Yum!

I did not contribute much to the food as we were sick. I was supposed to make mee siam but I really din have the energy and time as Kimi was hardly at school. And these days, I can't even go in the kitchen for a fiver without him screaming at the door! I only could manage the Xmas log, brownies and gingerbreadman (yup, no gingerbread house again!).
Part of our feast!
The juicy turkey which I hadn't a chance to snap a pix before it was 'attacked' by Hugh (bil). So, not such a lovely pix here!
The girls enjoying their dinner
The oldies glued to the tv as usual...
My dinner before I load up with my favourite corn!
Kimi loves his corn as much as I do!
I love seeing him enjoy his food! At around this time, Kimi finally started eating. For the longest time when he was sick, he was going by a bottle of 150ml FM and a few cheerios or fruit. He didn't even want his corn! He lost so much weight that I could feel his ribs. With Kimi, since birth, I've never felt his ribs or spine. So it was really heart-wrenching for me to see him so thin. Thank God, he started eating few days back and the weight came back on rather quickly.
Kimi with Grand Aunty Pat - can't wait to open and play with his train setKimi loves this Lego set which was sent by Janne from Norway! Thanks very much Janne and also to your mom for Kimi's sweater!
My log cake instalment - year after year!
This year's gingerbreadmen .. also looked like last year's ya? Haha! No, I assure you, it is this year's!



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