Friday, December 05, 2008

SSO Babies Prom 2008

We were so lucky cos another SMH mummy, June offered us a ticket as I couldnt get a ticket for the show.

It was rush, rush, rush for us cos we had to cut short Kimi's SM class and his nap. I figured since he loved Classical so much, he wouldn't mind. He almost fell asleep while I was speeding down to Victoria Concert Hall and I had to make all funny noises and sounds to explain the concert to distract him.

Kimi thoroughly enjoyed the show. I wouldn't say it was an utterly fabulous show but it is definitely a good way to start kids liking classicals. It would have been better if they could showcase the instruments that were used instead of just introducing a miserly 3.

Well, as long as he liked it, I'm happy! Oh, we also bumped into Jireh and his mummy! But again, forgot to take pix, next time then!
Again, fascinated by the X'mas tree (remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Yes, it's the same tree!)
I asked him to pose for me and he was still looking longingly at the tree ....
Still looking...
Finally, a smile for the camera!
The conductor
This sweet 2 year old trying her hand at conducting! Pity they chose all girls, why ah?



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