Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sarah is 8!

Sarah will turn 8 tomorrow, 29/12/08. Like Claire, she wanted a day out at Downtown East to celebrate her birthday. So, again that was where we went!

3 of my dearest babes!
Kimi insisted on hanging around this fence cos he wants to get into the water and into the boats! Gosh! I din realise how filthy the fence was till I saw the pix! Gross!
I packed some yummies for the outing - Juicy, sweet Korean strawberries! They are currently Kimi's favourite and can down 8-10 each time and that's cos I stop him! * faint! *
Premium Fuji apples cut into bear, star and flower shapes. Kimi was supposed to share these snacks with the girls but he ate quite a large portion of it!
Mini chicken sausages cut into tulips shapes. The little containers are filled with tomato ketchup and chilli sauce for dipping.



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