Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Letter D - Durian Mache

Quite a no. of readers have asked how we made the Durian mache during our Letter D learning week. Well, this craft is rather tedious as it done over a few days.

Anyhow, blow up a balloon to the size you need and use newspapers or tissue/crepe paper torn in strips and paste it over the balloon with home-made glue (water+tapioca or corn flour. Heat till thick or use hot water to pour on it). Keep layering with the paper strips till you are satisfied with the thickness. The thicker the paper layering, the harder it becomes when dried.

You can either use a green coloured paper crepe/tissue to finish off (last layer) or like me, I just let Kimi paint over.

Then I used green coloured paper, shape them into cones (various sizes) and stick all over the ready and dried 'bald durian'.

Of course this doesn't look like the real thing but it involves different learning motor skills and kids just love getting dirty! It's a rather enjoyable craft if you have the patience. Can make into a large Easter egg or use different shapes of balloons to get the craft you want - Mickey Mouse, little cave with animals, etc, etc.
Home-made glue and strips of paper (newspaper would be best as it is soft and absorbant).
Kimi hard at work
More sticking and messy hands
Then get down to some serious painting ...
The finished bald durian. You can paint over 1 more time for a more even colour. We are happy with this ...
Then start pasting the cones onto the dried bald durian
Kimi's durian!



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