Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bento #46 - Koala & Lizzie

Smoked salmon and scrambled egg multi-grain sandwich cut in shapes of koala and lizard.  Raisins fill the ears and nose of koala while lizard patterns are from ham

No special theme, just wanted to try out the cutters I have on hand.  Kimi says he is a koala bear and wants me to carry him like mama-koala. Faint!  He's 17+kg, my back is giving way too. 

Ever since I bought the sticky, slimy lizard toy from Daiso for him, he likes lizards a lot more.  But generally Kimi loves animals, reptiles, not so much insects. 

This lizard cutter was a gift from Julie when she came back and it came with it another 49 other cutters.  All kinds of animals and critters!!  Wonderful, isn't it?? Thanks so much Julie for always always blessing us with things! :)


Angeleyes said...

I have a sticky koala on me too!!! I'll probably turn into a kangaroo soon with a Joey in my pocket coz my hands can't hold the lil' koala!


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