Thursday, June 10, 2010

Malacca Drive 4/6/2010 to 5/6/2010

Got woken by hubby at 6 in the morning on Saturday asking if I wanted to drive to Malaysia.  The first thing that came to my mind was it safe?  After hb assured that it should be alright, I jumped on it excitedly and agreed we will pray about it and trusted in God for a safe journey.

Started packing, not knowing it was just a day trip for food and back home in the evening or to stay a few days.  We didn't even know where we'd be going!  So exciting right?  Anyhow we packed for 2-3 days.  In about an hour, we left home.

Upon reaching JB, hb decided we would go to Malacca again.  We've not been there since 2005 or 2006 so it would be nice to re-visit our favourite food haunts.  We used to go very often just for the weekend when we were sans Kimi.

We arrived at around lunch time and headed to Donald & Lily, a family run eating house serving Peranakan food.  Their cendo was to die for.  After not eating for a few years, I'm sad to say that the once quaint and personal set-up has become a bit commercialised.  There were loads of people eating and the cendol, although many many times better than those found in Singapore, it has somehow lost its home-flavour.  Maybe it's just me.  But hb also agreed.
My favourite cendol.  The fragrance of the gula melaka is amazing!
Malacca has spruced up a lot.. it now has river rides which Kimi adores
Kimi is so fascinated by the many trishaws and their equally many lights and decor! I think it really adds a nice charm and buzz to this little town. :)
On the way back, we stopped by Kukup for seafood dinner and allowed Kimi to soak up some Kelong/Kampong spirit.  We saw a sea snake dangling gingerly on a seaplant and other interesting sights.  Kimi loves it!  I can say for sure, my little one is an outdoor boy. :)
I love the weathered wood and of cos Kimi's stubby cutesy toes!
A family pix
Can you spot Kimi amidst the toys?
As we made our way back, hb saw a Carnival at the side of the road and decided to check it out!  Kimi is so enthralled by the roller coaster and insisted to ride on it.
Getting ready to start the ride
Kimi giving a 2-thumbs up and V sign that he loves the ride.

Although it was a last minute trip with zero planning, we enjoyed it very much and we are sure we will be doing another drive really soon! :)  This time with a bit more planning. :)



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